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Faculty & Staff Writers

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WC Faculty/Staff Writers

We support Faculty Writers in a number of ways, from providing individual consultations to fostering long-term writing groups that result in completed book projects and journal publications.  Whether you are writing for publication, grant funding, teaching, or outreach to the public, we offer support and resources along the way.


Writing Enriched Curriculum

WC publish and flourish

The Writing Enriched Curriculum program (WEC) is a university-sponsored initiative to promote the teaching of writing in all academic disciplines.  The WEC project is designed to further the university’s goal, outlined in the 2013-14 Strategic Plan, to “focus on building student and faculty writing and oral communication skills.”  In keeping with the AACU’s identification of writing education as a high-impact practice in undergraduate education, WEC offers faculty support for developing writing curricula that can make the teaching of writing a significant part of every major and degree program.

OU WEC Program

Grant Writing Support

WC papers

Faculty in every discipline conduct research. In the current market, it is likely that your research needs to be supported by grant funding, and we are here to help.


See more about how we support grant writing.


Individual Faculty Consultations

WC consulting

We collaborate with faculty on their own writing as well as on curriculum and assignment design. We consult with faculty at any stage of the writing process, whether you are drafting a book proposal, revising a journal article, or refining a grant proposal.
We can also collaborate with you to design curricula and assignments that incorporate writing in effective and efficient ways.  We develop specialized writing workshops, facilitate in-class peer review sessions, and consult with instructors on responding to and assessing student writing.


If you would like to work on your own writing, or curricula and assignment design, contact Moira Ozias or Michele Eodice.

Faculty Writing Space

WC Writing Group

We have a space dedicated to faculty writers. Drop in to write in Cate 4, Room 134, or reserve it for a writing group or other writing related meeting. For more information about accessing the space and the technology that is available (screen, Apple TV, printer, etc.), please email Tara Risenhoover.

Writing Groups

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In addition to consultation and working one-with-one with writers, the OU Writing Center facilitates writing groups. Some of our groups are led by writing center staff, while for others, we simply provide the setting and the support while the group members take the lead. 


Find out more about Faculty Writing Groups.


Faculty Workshops

WC publish and flourish

We host faculty writing workshops throughout the year. Our summer workshop - Publish & Flourish - can kick start your summer writing project, get you to dig into a revise and resubmit, or guide you in developing a book proposal.


Resources for Faculty Writers

The following page has several links and pdfs to aid your writing.


More Writing Resources