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Multilingual Writers

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The following websites are reputable sources for English teachers, but they also contain many useful resources for students of English as a second language, including games, grammar lessons, and pronunciation guides.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University offers tutorial videos for college students, including a few that address the unique challenges and needs of second language writers and speakers of English:

1. Hang out with native speakers as much as possible

2. Talk in English as much as possible

3. Download an English language program to your iPhone and listen to it while you walk or commute to school

4. Engage in a hobby you know will help you practice your English (e.g. join a softball team full of native speakers, or anything like that)

5. Make friends with locals!

The Center for English as a Second Language provides intensive training to international students planning to study at the university level:


The Norman Public Library offers free English tutoring and one-on-one conversation sessions with community members throughout the year, as well as small classes on occasion. For more information, please contact Jane Douglass at the Cleveland County Literacy Program, 405-701-2682, or


The Norman Adult Education program offers free evening classes throughout the public schools’ academic year. The classes focus on writing, listening, and speaking. The basic level class meets on Tuesday and Thursday evenings while the more advanced class meets on Monday and Wednesday evenings. For more information, visit:


In addition, many churches in Norman and surrounding areas offer free English classes to second language learners. Ask around!