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The University of Oklahoma
Writing Center

Working With Writers

May 2013 Summer Session, ENGL 3193

WC consulting

Students in this course will investigate how texts are produced, revised, and edited, with a focus on response and feedback strategies that help writers improve in every aspect of their writing.

Coursework includes reading, writing, discussion, presentations, practice, and collaborative activities.


Students also complete an internship in the OU Writing Center.
 During this internship, students will both observe current OU Writing Center consultants and work individually with writers from across disciplines.


This course will allow you to:

  • Collaborate across disciplines
  • Explore how texts are produced, revised, and edited
  • Understand and apply learning and writing theory to your field and discipline
  • Use new media and technologies in composing and collaboration
  • Showcase to future employers your ability to write and collaborate effectively with individuals of various backgrounds


Professional & Scholarly Opportunities

You may be interested in expanding your knowledge of writing and collaboration by applying to work at the OU Writing Center.

wc collaboration
wc wagner 220
wc 220

A position at the OU Writing Center offers students the opportunity to:

  • Work with writers from across disciples and from around the world
  • Conduct research
  • Present at professional and scholarly conferences
  • Publish in the field of writing centers
  • Become involved in campus leadership


Graduate and Professional Programs

writers working together

Many individuals who have taken this class have gone on to graduate and professional programs such as Colorado State University Rhetoric and Composition; the University of Oklahoma Composition, Rhetoric, and Literacy; and Ohio State University Rhetoric, Composition, and Literacy; University of Oklahoma College of Law; University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; and Oklahoma State University Veterinary Medicine.



What People Say

“The great part about Working With Writers is that you get to see the evolution of their work in real-time.”
- Dusty Bailey, Director of Career Services, Career Point College


“Before Working with Writers, I wrote good papers. After the course and my experience in the writing center, I knew how/why I wrote good papers.”

- Chase Bollig, Ph.D. student, Ohio State University


“The class...was the first time that I stopped to really think about writing as a process. Before it was something I just took for granted.”

- Talisha Haltiwanger, graduate student, Colorado State University

Course Instructors

WC michele

Michele Eodice, Ph. D.
Executive Director, Learning,
Teaching, & Writitng

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WC moira

Moira Ozias, M.A., M.S.W.
Associate Director,
Writing Center

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