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Coming up:

"The Geographies of Climate and Poverty in the Anthropocene"

Prof. Diana Liverman
Institute of the Environment/
School of Geography and Development
University of Arizona

8 PM, Wednesday, April 16
Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation Auditorium
1140 Gaylord Hall
University of Oklahoma

Geographer Diana Liverman will present a public lecture about global poverty in the Anthropocene, the proposed new geological epoch defined by the impacts of human activity. In her talk, she will discuss the way environmental changes associated with the Anthropocene, especially changes in climate, are likely to effect the world’s most impoverished regions. She will explain how poverty makes people more vulnerable to disruptions caused by climate change, and will discuss how development and climate policies can help poorer nations adapt to environmental challenges and reduce the risks of climate change..

Liverman is Co-director of the Institute of the Environment at the University of Arizona, where she is Regents Professor of Geography and Development. She is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University. Her career has focused on the human dimensions of global environmental change and her main research interests include global change, climate impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, food security and environmental justice especially in the developing world.