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African Christian Fellowship (University of Oklahoma Student Chapter) is affiliated with African Christian Fellowship USA. This student chapter was founded by Mr. Kehinde Adesina in 1997/98 when he was a student at the university. Uncle Kenny - as he is fondly called; was given the vision by God for a student fellowship on the University of Oklahoma Campus. It initially started with a few parents and graduate students, and eventually blossomed into what we have today.

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Name:Taiwo Omotoso
Position: President
Major: Chemical Engineering
Taiwo Omotoso is a Nigerian graduate student with the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma who joined ACF in 2010. He loves reading, meeting people and is also an ardent music lover. He has found a unique warmth at ACF and is glad to be able to be a part of an organization that is positioned to help college students discover and fulfill their God-given purpose. You can contact him at omotaiwo@ou.edu.
Name: Jemiyo Akande
Position: Vice President
Major: Multidisciplinary Studies(MDS)
My name is Oluwajemiyo Kehinde Akande and I am an MDS major here at the University of Oklahoma. I consider myself highly privileged to be serving as the Vice President of the African Christian Fellowship. Although I do not have favorites, I really enjoy reading Psalm 40:1, which says “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” In my leisure time I love to read my bible, play basketball, listen to gospel music, sing and act. My short term goal for ACF is to make sure that all the group’s events are well organized, prepared for and successful. That lives will be touched and souls ministered to through our activities. And for the future I desire that the fellowship will double in size and spirit by God’s grace. Alright, thanks for stopping by and I hope to meet you in person. God bless you. You can contact me at jemiyo@ou.edu.
Name:Dara Mamora
Position: Secretary
Major: Accounting
My name is Dara Mamora. I was born on July 27th, 1994 in Lagos Nigeria. I am the last born of 3 the children in my family. I have an elder brother and a twin sister. I am currently a second- semester sophomore studying accounting at the University of Oklahoma. My dream is to successfully complete my undergraduate degree in accounting then get a masters in human resource management. Also, I have een the secretary of the African Christian Fellowship (ACF) since May 2012. My desire is to see ACF multiply in membership and for God to instill His hunger and passion in the members of this organization. You can contact me at daramamora@ou.edu.
Name:Tobi Ogunbekun
Position: Treasurer
Major: Petroleum Engineering
I am a Petroleum Engineering undergraduate from Lagos, Nigeria. I currently serve as the Treasurer for ACF. My hobbies are watching and playing soccer and listening to music. You can contact me at tobieo@ou.edu.
Name: Precious Anthony
Position: Prayer Secretary
Major: Chemical Engineering
My name is Precious Idorenyin Anthony. I am from Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria, and I am currently a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering. I hope when I am done with my bachelor’s degree I would be able to get a master’s education still in Chemical Engineering and eventually stir towards pharmaceuticals. I currently serve as the prayer secretary in ACF. You can contact me at precious@ou.edu.
Position:Music Director
Name:Gbenga Koleowo
Position: Public/Alumni Relations Officer
Major: Architecture
My name is Olugbenga Koleowo I am a Nigerian and a third year undergraduate student majoring in Architecture. I serve as the Public/Alumni Relations Officer of ACF. My hobbies include singing, playing the piano, rapping and drawing. Being part of ACF has really changed my life. It has given me the opportunity of knowing God better than I have known him. You can contact me at gbenga@ou.edu.
Prayer Coordinator
Music Director
Public Relations Officer
ACF Choir
Dance and Drama group
Welfare Group
Prayer Group
Expressions Group
Technical Group
We are very thankful to God for our choir members. “Living Sacrifices” as they are called, are a group of individuals who love to minister through music of various genre. From Contemporary Praise to African Praise and Worship, we glorify God with all reverence and humility. The choir usually goes on ministration trips to other Churches and fellowships, ministering in songs, dance and drama. Singers and instrumentalists usually meet for practice on Thursdays at 9pm. If you are interested in joining the Living Sacrifices, please contact OU ACF at acfnorman@OU.EDU for more information.
These are a fun loving group of individuals who minister the Word through choreography and drama. They, like the choir, occasionally go to other ministries to minister through "high-energy" choreographed dances and drama. They usually meet on Tuesdays at 9pm to practice. For more information you can email us at acfnorman@OU.EDU

Name:Dahun Mamora and Ogeoma Mbaraonye
Position:Welfare Coordinators
Major:Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering

As the name implies, this group is defined by their passion and is driven by their concern for others. It is a fast growing group of individuals who take time out to serve and meet the needs of others. They are usually in charge of checking up on members and seeing to the needs of those who need help. If you love helping people and building healthy relationships, Welfare is a group for you to join. Please contact Dahun Mamora at dahunmamora@ou.edu or Ogeoma Mbaraonye at Ogeoma.E.Mbaraonye-1@ou.edu for more information.
The Bible tells us in James 5 v 19 that: "The effective, fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much". The prayer group is the one group that anyone and everyone is expected to join. Just as the name implies, we gather for an hour of personal and corporate prayer. It is also a great time of sharing and bonding, as we walk together on the narrow path of righteousness towards salvation. Prayer meetings are usually held Monday nights at 9pm. For more information you can email us at acfnorman@OU.EDU

Name:Timisola Smith
Position:Expressions Coordinator
Major: Chemical Engineering

This is a group of talented artists and writers who design, write content and publish the ACF Bulletin. They are in charge of different forms of media in ACF. The group also welcomes essays, poems, cartoons, and all other forms of uplifting material that can be published from members of the organization and beyond. The Expressions group is currently in need of members. Please contact Timisola Smith at timisola@ou.edu for more information.

Name:John Adedayo
Position:Technical Coordinator
Major: Petroleum Engineering

This is a very important group. They are in charge of all ACF's hardware. They make sure all the musical instruments and equipment are set up on time and run a sound check on all the instruments before all ACF programs. They also operate our projectors and work with the Expressions team for all video and audio needs. The group also ensures the safe return of all equipment to their storage point. To join this group contact John Adedayo at adejohn@ou.edu.