From: Ware, Jean D.
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2010 12:25 PM
To: Fallgatter, Sonya L.
Cc: Hamilton, Matthew W.; Hissey, David J; White, Thomas R.; Keppel, Ben; Covaleskie, John F.; Turkington, Breck B.; Skeeters, Martha C.; Boeck, David L.
Subject: Recommendations for future academic calendars from Academic Regulations Committee

Attachments: 2010-11calx.doc; 2011-12calx.doc; 2012-13calx.doc


Sent on Matt Hamilton’s behalf:


The Academic Regulations Committee (ARC) met on October 29 and approved the attached proposed academic calendars for 2010-11, 2011-12 and 2012-13 (2010-11calx.htm, 2011-12calx.htm, 2012-13calx.htm).

The 2010-11 calendar was sent forward to the Provost on November 12, to be submitted to the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.


The ARC also discussed an issue coming up in Fall 2013. The issue is that previously the earliest the Faculty Senate had agreed fall classes would start was August 20, given that faculty contract start date is August 15.

The dilemma for fall 2013 is whether to start classes on August 19th (closer to the beginning of the contract start date than we’ve previously started), continue to honor the students’ resolution for a four-week winter break, and then end spring 2014 finals on May 9; or start Fall 2013 classes on August 26, honor the four-week winter break and end spring 2014 finals on May 16 (one day after the faculty contract end date).

There was some discussion of whether to have just a three-week winter break, which not only goes against the student resolution but also could cause complications for faculty as well. The ARC felt like most prefer the four-week break.

The ARC also discussed the feasibility of starting the semester mid-week, but that could also be problematic due to the timing of existing holidays.


Therefore the Academic Regulations Committee is recommending to Faculty Senate that fall 2013 classes start August 19 and finals end December 13; that spring 2014 classes begin January 13 and finals end May 9. This seems the only way to stay within the contract period and maintain the four-week winter break without creating other challenges that would affect seat time requirements for some courses.



Jean Ware

Admissions & Records

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