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Roman Lopez

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Roman Lopez

Roman Lopez

In his life, Roman Lopez has faced a variety of obstacles, sometimes thinking that nothing was really going his way. But he hasn’t let these challenges and struggles deter him.

Oklahoma’s Promise and Crimson Commitment have made a positive impact in Lopez’s life. Especially during his sophomore and junior years at OU, the financial support from Crimson Commitment helped cover his academic classes. 

“Sophomore year I was no longer getting that President’s Leadership Class scholarship. I needed help replacing that, and Crimson Commitment helped me out a lot,” said Lopez, an engineering undecided major or plans to go into aerospace engineering. “For junior year I was unable to get another scholarship I previously had, and Crimson Commitment helped fill that void up too. Crimson Commitment has been really helpful in keeping me here because it’s making me not have to worry so much about my bursar since it’s been taking the place of a lot of aid that has been lost.”

After earning valedictorian honors at Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City, Lopez used a large part of his speech to thank his mom and dad for all the sacrifices they had made for him and his siblings, two older brothers and a younger sister. He watched his dad, who did not graduate high school, and his mom work hard to make ends meet. Seeing this dedication and sacrifice has motivated Lopez, not only throughout his high school career but also into the next chapter of his life at OU.

Lopez is active with a variety of on-campus organizations, including Latinos Without Borders, Miracle Mindset, and Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. He works as an intern for Diversity Enrichment Programs and was also a member of the President’s Leadership Class as a freshman. 

In the future, Lopez aims to help students who come from backgrounds like himself and wants them to know that they too can succeed in life. 

“Try to use whatever you are facing to motivate you to go and become the best version of you,” Lopez shared. “I’ve met a lot of people at OU who have had tough experiences and then they're here and they're making it work, and everything I've been through, I'm here and I'm going to make it work whatever it takes. If you really want it, don't just stop caring. You should always care and drive yourself to do the best you can.”