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How OU Makes Decisions

Please help stress that OU only admits the number of students that OU has the capacity to teach and serve effectively. Our standards ensure that the students we admit are prepared to excel in our highly competitive academic environment.

Types of Decisions

The OU Admissions Committee reviews all information submitted by and on behalf of each applicant. There are several outcomes determined by the Committee.

  • Admit - Applicants may be admitted without additional conditions. 
  • Contract - The applicant may be offered admission based on terms outlined in an admissions agreement. 
  • Waitlist - The applicant may be placed on a waitlist. Applications on the waitlist will be admitted on a space-available basis, with preference given to the most academically qualified applicants in the pool. We understand that the "wait" may be challenging for many students and their parents. We make every effort to finalize our waitlist decisions by May 1. 
  • Deny - An applicant may be denied admission. 

Apply Early!

It is always best to encourage students to apply early to hear back sooner on admissions and scholarships. The longer they wait to apply, the longer they have to wait to hear a decision. Test scores can be updated through April 30.