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Brooklyn Wayland

Brooklyn Wayland

Q&A with OU Senior Brooklyn Wayland

What do you do on campus?

When I am not in class or hanging out with friends, I am involved on campus with University Sing Executive Committee, Gaylord Ambassadors, and Gaylord News. I am very involved in my student ministry called Crossover where I volunteer weekly and in my Panhellenic Sorority. I am also a campus tour guide for the university, which has been my favorite experience I have had at OU! 

How has OU empowered you to make an impact?

OU inspires me to make an impact in my community daily, and it's all due to the support system of the "OU family". Every person I have met at OU has made a point to be so intentional about making sure I know I have a seat at their table. I want to make an impact because the OU family continually makes an impact on me!

What drew you to OU?

Through my college search process, I was quite unsure where I wanted to be. I craved the community feel I would be leaving behind in my small town, but I also was ready for something bigger, something that could challenge me and offer new experiences. OU was the best of both worlds! As cliche as it sounds, I knew it was where I wanted to call home when I stepped on campus for my tour as a prospective student. 

What is one of your favorite things about OU?

Gosh, I love OU for so many different reasons, but I would say my favorite thing is all the experiences I gained: I've spent the summer studying abroad in Italy, I got to live in Washington, D.C., for a whole semester doing my dream job of reporting on Capitol Hill while my professors became lifelong mentors, spent Saturdays in the fall cheering on my school to victory in the football stadium, and shared campus walks with friends I will cherish forever! These memories are the reason OU means the world to me.

Is there anything else about your OU story that you'd like to share?

You don't have to go far away from your home state to have a great and unique college experience!