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Haden Bollenbach

Haden Bollenbach

Accounting & Management Information Systems | Class of 2022 | Edmond, Oklahoma | EY Launch Internship

Haden Bollenbach

His creative and entrepreneurial spirit led Haden Bollenbach to the area of business, specifically as a double major in accounting and management information systems. This past summer, his path next led him to the EY Launch Internship at EY, a global accounting firm.  

The EY Launch Internship is a rotational program that gives participants exposure to the firm and its various lines of service, including tax, audit, and consulting. It is designed for students who are at least two years away from graduation to allow them to get their foot in the door and explore these different professions early on, Bollenbach explained.  

"During my virtual internship experience, I had the opportunity to connect with a variety of leaders, experience ongoing personal and professional development, partake in world-class learning, and team across service lines with a diverse group of interns to showcase how uncharted waters can be an opportunity for companies to reimagine a better working world following the COVID-19 pandemic," he said.

On campus, Bollenbach works as a tour guide and is involved with the JCPenney Leadership Program in the Price College of Business, President’s Community Scholars, and Lead Team.

The Price College of Business has good connections with EY and often hires students for internships and jobs. Bollenbach is one of the first OU students to ever be selected for the EY Launch Internship, and he said OU and the JCPenney Leadership Program prepared him well and helped him connect with the company through their focus on professional development and networking.

“When I was talking to recruiters and even partners and managers at the firm, I felt confident enough to go up to them and introduce myself and tell them where I go to school, what I’m majoring in, and what I’m involved in,” Bollenbach explained. “I think OU does a really good job, especially in the business college, of preparing students to have these conversations and developing them not only personally with soft skills but professionally as well.”