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Registering with the ADRC

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Register with Accessibility and Disability Resource Center

Before registering with ADRC

  1. Meet all admission and academic standards
  2. Formal admission to the University of Oklahoma

Process to Register with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center

  1. Self-Identify as a student with a disability and submit documentation to the Accessibility and Disability Resource Center. In Higher Education, it your responsibility as a student to self identify as an individual with a disability. Information regarding documentation can be found at Documentation Guidelines. 
  2. Once your documentation has been received, it will be reviewed within 5-15 business days. Please check your OU email account regularly because this is how we will contact you once your documentation has been reviewed.
  3. If there is a need for additional documentation, this information will be provided in the email you receive from ADRC.  If, during the initial appointment an accommodation requested does not clearly describe the relationship between the barrier and how an accommodation would provide access, additional information may be requested at the students' expense.
  4. When you receive an email from ADRC, please follow instructions on the email.
  5. During the initial appointment, ADRC staff and the student will engage in an interactive process to discuss your previous educational experience, past use of accommodations, and what has been effective in providing access. Students will also be introduced to their rights and responsibilities in postsecondary education.
  6. Accommodations are then developed to promote an equal educational opportunity.