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OU Students Accommodation Request

Norman and Online Distance Learning Student Accommodation/Courtesy Service Request

NOTE: If you are a Norman or Online Distance Learning Program Student your email should end in This page is for students enrolled on the Norman campus or in an online distance learning program.

Accommodations/courtesy services may be requested beginning one week prior to the start of the semester through the last week of the regular semester.

Accommodations/courtesy services must be requested for each semester in which they are to be used.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received and may take 3-5 university business days for completion. Exam accommodations/courtesy services requested less than 3 university business days prior to an assessment are not guaranteed implementation for that assessment.

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

Request Accommodations/Courtesy Services

Please submit separate requests for the academic and practicum environments. Practicum accommodations/courtesy services are determined separately from academic accommodations/courtesy services. If you need accommodations/courtesy services in the practicum environment and have not yet met with an ADRC team member, please call our Center to schedule an appointment.

Accommodation Request Portal
Title IX (Pregnancy) Accommodation Request Portal
Courtesy Services Request Form

Introduction to Instructors

Students are encouraged to be self-advocates and identify themselves to the instructor and discuss the specific accommodations approved by the ADRC.


Download this template to help you introduce yourself to instructors

Accessible Electronic Textbooks (EText)

E-Text requests will be accepted for students registered with the ADRC who are approved for Accessible Electronic Textbooks (E-Text).


You must fill out the E-Text Request form for each textbook you are requesting and a Textbook Proof of Purchase/Rental form each semester. Be sure to include all the requested information on the forms, or it may take longer to process your requests. 


Fill out the E-Text Request form


Fill out the Textbook Proof of Purchase/Rental Form

Interpreter Request Form

Requests should be received 5 university days in advance of the requested date. Requests for interpreter services made less than 3 days in advance may not be filled due to the availability of interpreters.


Fill out the Interpreter Request Form