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Tulsa Student Accommodation Request

OU-Tulsa Student Accommodation/Courtesy Service Requests

NOTE: You are an OU-Tulsa HSC student if your email ends in and an OU-Tulsa student if your email ends in

Accommodations/courtesy services may be requested beginning one week prior to the start of the semester through the last week of the regular semester.

Accommodations/courtesy services must be requested for each semester in which they are to be used.

Requests are processed in the order in which they are received and may take 3-5 university business days for completion. Exam accommodations/courtesy services requested less than 3 university business days prior to an assessment are not guaranteed implementation for that assessment.

Please email us at if you have any questions or concerns. 

Request Accommodations/Courtesy Services

Please submit separate requests for the academic and clinical/practicum environments. Experiential accommodations/courtesy services are determined separately from academic accommodations/courtesy services. If you need accommodations/courtesy services in the experiential environment and have not yet met with an ADRC team member, please call our Center to schedule an appointment.

OU Tulsa HSC Programs

OU-Tulsa HSC Student Accommodation Request Form
OU-Tulsa HSC Title IX Accommodation Request Form
OU-Tulsa HSC Courtesy Services Request Form

OU Tulsa Programs

OU-Tulsa Student Accommodation Request Form
OU-Tulsa Title IX Accommodation Request Form
OU-Tulsa Courtesy Services Request Form

Introduction to Instructors

Students are encouraged to be self-advocates and identify themselves to the instructor and discuss the specific accommodations approved by the ADRC.


Download this template to help you introduce yourself to instructors

Accessible Electronic Textbooks (EText)

E-Text requests will be accepted for students registered with the ADRC who are approved for Accessible Electronic Textbooks (E-Text).


You must fill out the E-Text Request form for each textbook you are requesting and a Textbook Proof of Purchase/Rental form each semester. Be sure to include all the requested information on the forms, or it may take longer to process your requests. 


Fill out the E-Text Request form


Fill out the Textbook Proof of Purchase/Rental Form

Interpreter Request Form

Requests should be received 5 university days in advance of the requested date. Requests for interpreter services made less than 3 days in advance may not be filled due to the availability of interpreters.


Fill out the Interpreter Request Form