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How To Add A Class

The regulations listed below apply to courses that meet the full semester. Courses that do not meet the full semester will have different deadlines. Contact Enrollment Services, 230 Buchanan Hall, 325-3572, for more information.

It is against university policy to attend a class beyond week three without being enrolled. If your name is not on the class roll, please visit with your instructor as soon as possible to get your name added to the class roll by following the instructions below. (Having your name on Canvas is not the same as being enrolled in the class.)

Period I.
First Two Weeks

  • You may add a class during the first week of fall and spring classes without approval of your instructor. Add the class online through your ONE account. 
  • You may add a class during the second week of fall and spring classes with instructor's approval. Ask the instructor to load electronic special permission, after which you may complete enrollment through your ONE account.

Period II.
Third through fifteenth week of fall and spring classes.

  • You may add classes only by permission of the instructor of the course and the Dean of your College. 
  • Obtain an email from your instructor allowing the late add including course number and section.
  • Fill out the college specific late add petition and follow the instructions on that form. For AARC students, email your instructor's approval to your AARC advisor to start the approval process.

NOTE: Period II requires an instructor permission by email and petition to your college dean's office.  You must go through the dean's office in the college of your major or University College for first-year students.