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Cancel Enrollment

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How To Cancel Enrollment

Many students are confused by the difference between “canceling” and “withdrawing” and how these affect tuition charges and grades.

Cancellation is the term OU uses if a student drops all of the classes before classes begin. Canceling enrollment removes all tuition charges and all record of enrollment. No grades are recorded. 

When you cancel your enrollment it is critical that you make an informed decision, as there could be an unexpected impact on financial aid, insurance eligibility, etc. Please check with financial aid, your insurance company, or other entities that might need verification of your enrollment before you proceed.

We strongly encourage you to visit with your academic advisor before cancelling your enrollment as part of making an informed decision that could have far-reaching consequences.

How to Cancel Your Enrollment (before classes begin)

  • Undergraduate students must fill out an online form which will be sent to Graduation and Persistence Support.
  • Graduate students may contact the Office of Enrollment Services by emailing or by calling (405) 325-3572.
  • After classes have begun, students must process a complete withdrawal.