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Drop A Class

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How To Drop A Class

Effective with the fall 2011 semester, students are limited to 5 drops in their academic career at OU. Complete withdrawals at OU, drops from other institutions, and drops from semesters prior to Fall 2011 do not count in the 5-drop limit. 

The regulations listed below apply to courses that meet the full semester or summer session. Courses that do not meet the full term will have different deadlines. Contact Enrollment Services, 230 Buchanan Hall, for more information.

When dropping a class it is critical that you make an informed decision, as there could be an unexpected impact on financial aid, insurance eligibility, etc. if your enrollment drops below a certain number of hours. Please check with financial aid, your insurance company, or other entities that might need verification of your enrollment before you proceed.

After the first two weeks of a regular term, the University requires you to visit with your academic advisor for a signature before dropping a course as part of making an informed decision that could have far-reaching consequences.  Please review the questions in Deciding to Drop a Class before you make your final decision.

Period I.
First two weeks

  • You may drop without additional charges or grading penalties anytime up through the end of the second week of classes in Fall or Spring.
  • No grades will be recorded for dropped courses.
  • You may drop courses through your ONE account during this time period.

Note on tuition charges for dropped courses: You will be required to pay tuition and fees for any course dropped after the second week of classes in Fall or Spring Semesters.

Period II.
Third through twelfth week of Fall and Spring

  • You may drop courses during this time with an automatic grade of “W” on your transcript.
  • Fill out a drop slip, get it signed by your academic advisor, and turn it in to the Enrollment Services office (230 Buchanan Hall).

Period III. Thirteenth week through end of classes in Fall and Spring.

  • Deans permission is required for all drops. Petitions are available in College advising offices.
  • Have the instructor circle the grade of W or F and sign a drop slip.  
  • Turn in the drop slip and petition to your College advising office for review.
  • A "W" from a professor does not mean the Dean's office will approve the petition. Continue attending class until you know the outcome of your petition.
  • NOTE: If you are pursuing a dual degree (two degrees in separate colleges), you may turn your form in to only one college advising office (whichever one you choose). The decision of the college is final.