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Exploring Majors

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Exploring Majors with a Professional

Exploring interest areas is the first step in identifying which majors are a good fit for you. The Center for Major Exploration has specialists who work one-on-one with students to identify the student’s personality type, interest, and aptitudes. Information gained from conversations and assessment tests is used to help narrow the possibilities in choosing a major. Resources to help you explore and understand majors are available as well as decision-making tools that help prioritize factors involved in the decision.

The assessments and consultations are free.

The Major Exploration office is in Wagner Hall, Suite 203, rooms 204, 205, & 206: 405-325-1684, To schedule an appointment with a Major Exploration Coach, please use the iAdvise appointment system for this specific purpose.

Exploring Majors On Your Own

In researching majors on your own, the first step is to Find Your Passion. Ask yourself, "If I could do anything in the world, what would it be?" This is your life, and whatever you choose to do, you will be doing a lot of it. You can do something that makes you happy just as easily as you can do something that makes you miserable. If you like your major, you are more likely to graduate.

Most of the time there is not a specific major that matches exactly with what you envision for your career. However, by following the steps below, you can begin to narrow your search.

  • If the class titles sound interesting, review the Course Descriptions for the classes listed on the checksheet. Remember that all Majors are going to include classes that do not particularly grab your interest; but if the majority of the classes sound interesting, keep the Major on your list. If the majority of the classes do not capture your interest, cross that Major off your list and move on.

Finally, it is important to know that employers say that if they want a specific skill set such as Accounting, Engineering, or Architecture, they will hire for that skill set. Otherwise, they are looking for students who have a well-rounded education and want to continue to learn. The most important quality they look for is "finishing what you start," which is indicated by a bachelor's degree.

If you still are having difficulty narrowing your passion and interest areas, please make an appointment with the Major Exploration office.

Design Your Own Major

If you have an idea of what you want to do but cannot find a Major that answers your need, you may design your own major through the Multidisciplinary Studies degree option in Academic Affairs or the Planned Program option in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Both of these options allow students to design their own degree program around a coherent theme, using classes that pull together the theme to best suit their needs.

For specific information about each of these options, please contact the Cal Hobson Academic Services office in the College of Arts and Sciences at (405) 325-4411.