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Reading Check Sheets

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How To Read A Checksheet

The degree requirements sheets (“checksheets”) are printed every year and specify the degree requirements for each major at the University of Oklahoma. These checksheets are official degree plans from which students will be cleared for graduation. Students may elect to be graduated under the requirements for an undergraduate degree in effect at the time of his or her first enrollment in the state system, or students may elect to be graduated under requirements effective subsequent to their first enrollment in the state system. Students must complete the work for the degree within a maximum time limit, determined by the college, of not less than six nor more than ten years. Check with your college regarding its constraints in selecting degree plans.

Although each college follows its own checksheet layout format, every checksheet contains the same elements:

Top Portion

1. Left-hand box lists the effective date of the checksheet 

2. Middle box specifies total hours required for the degree, major hours, upper-division hours in the major, and required gradepoint averages (institutional and within the major); some colleges include additional information, such as upper-division gradepoint average

3. Right-hand box lists the degree name and degree code

Bottom Portion          

4. General Education     

5. Core and/or Major Requirements

6. Major Support Requirements

7. Electives

The varying checksheet formats include grouping General Education requirements (see Versions 1 and 2) and melding General Education requirements with semester-by-semester plans (see Version 3). The large numbers on each of these examples correspond to the numbers above relative to the Top and Bottom portions of the checksheets.

The checksheets also include Semester Plans that can help you plan your schedule.

Some students use Degree Navigator to mark off degree requirements on their checksheet for hard-copy reference in tracking their academic progress.