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Meet the Dean

Message from the Dean

Vision for the College

To promote economic prosperity, resiliency and sustainability through innovative education,  application of advanced technologies, the development of convergent research, and co-generation of knowledge by multidisciplinary teams, who are rooted in a culture of justice, equity, and inclusion, and who engage with communities in Oklahoma, the nation, and the world. We are guided by the following values: 


Diversity embraces an inclusive range of viewpoints, knowledge systems, and approaches to solutions in our education, research, and outreach programs.


Curiosity advances deep integration and generation of knowledge across disciplines by motivating learning from one another about interconnected complex systems at local, regional, and global scales.


Creativity enables transformative frameworks, paradigms, and approaches that emerge when seeking transdisciplinary and equitable solutions to grand environmental and humanitarian challenges.


Integrity is rooted in accountability, professionalism, trust, transparency, and respect and underpins our tenets of sustainability, equity and justice.


Collaboration requires respect and professional engagement across disciplines, and with communities and non-academic partners to co-generate impactful, transdisciplinary solutions to grand challenges in the state, nation, and world.