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Endowed Gifts

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Endowed Gifts

The College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences encourages gifts to create endowments for student scholarships, graduate fellowships and faculty enrichment. These gifts are an investment in the future of the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, providing enduring support for our students and faculty. Endowment gifts are invested wisely and carefully by the University of Oklahoma Foundation Inc. with only the earnings used to support the designated need.

Named endowments serve as a tribute to the generosity of donors or a vehicle to honor a special person. An endowment may be named for the endowment fund’s primary donor, whether an individual, foundation or corporation; a friend or family member whom the donor wishes to honor or memorialize; an individual who has give noteworthy service to the University.

There are two ways you can create an endowment within the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences:

Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship or Graduate Fellowship Support

Students are the heart of everything at the University of Oklahoma. The opportunity to attend OU has changed thousands of lives since the University of Oklahoma was founded. Endowed scholarship and fellowship support makes it possible to recruit top students and provide increased scholarship support.

Scholarship endowments can be created with at least $10,000, which will support one $500 award each year. They can be restricted to a favorite division or school or be left unrestricted to be used where they are needed most. "Leadership level" endowments of at least $40,000 allow the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences to attract top students with awards of $1,000 per semester or $2,000 a year.

For more information on how to establish an endowed scholarship or fellowship, contact us at (405) 325-3095.

Endowed Faculty Chair or Professorship

The quality of our faculty is the foundation on which academic excellence is built. Private support is the key to recruiting, retaining and rewarding outstanding faculty. Endowed faculty and chair positions allow the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences to recruit and retain highly regarded teachers and researchers.