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Aviation: Air Traffic Management

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Aviation Management - Air Traffic Management Concentration

Aviation Program Goal

All graduates of the program in aviation will have developed a depth of understanding of the Aviation industry and been afforded the opportunity to prepare for an aviation-related professional career following graduation. 

Air Traffic Management Educational Goals

  • Graduates will be knowledgeable in all of the FAA air traffic basic learning objectives
  • Foster ethical and responsible behavior within government, industry, and society
  • Provide exposure to practical application in all options of air traffic control
  • Instill an appreciation for diversity and teamwork in the aviation workplace
  • Stimulate the appreciation and importance of lifelong learning

Why Should I Consider Air Traffic Management?

The FAA plans to hire between 800 and 1,100 new Air Traffic Controllers per year for at least the next ten years (FAA Controller Workforce Plan, 2021), and graduates from FAA Approved AT-CTI colleges and universities receive preference in the hiring process. OU’s Air Traffic Management program is a well-rounded Aviation Management degree that teaches all options of Air Traffic Control in the classroom and dynamic simulation.

Students in this program will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

Specific Program Requirements



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