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Aviation: Aviation Management - Flying Concentration

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Aviation Management - Flying Concentration

Aviation Program Goal

All graduates of the program in aviation will have developed a depth of understanding of the Aviation industry and been afforded the opportunity to prepare for an aviation-related professional career following graduation. 

Aviation Management (flying) Educational Goals

  • Instill a solid foundation of management, organizational behavior, and continuing adaptation in a changing global business environment
  • Prepare graduates who will support and nurture business management and lifelong learning in the aviation industry
  • Provide graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement management principles within the aviation environment
  • Review the past, evaluate the future and study local to global considerations of aviation issues
  • Create competent, skillful pilots and leaders who can solve complex problems in the aviation community
  • Cultivate single pilot/crew resource management, organizational risk management, and safety awareness in aviation operations
  • Foster ethical and responsible behavior within the government, industry, and society

Students in this program will pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

Specific Program Requirements



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