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Multicultural Celebration Month

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A&GS Celebrates: Multiculturalism

Multicultural Celebration Month "Celebrating what makes us different."

For the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, November is Multicultural Celebration Month, a time to reflect on what makes us different. While we spend most other months of the year highlighting specific communities as part of our diversity and equity initiatives, this month we’re taking a moment to celebrate diversity itself.

We have a long way to go in our efforts toward diversity and inclusion, and the work is ongoing. This November, as the end of the semester comes into focus, we take a moment to celebrate what we bring to the table: from different states to different countries, different languages and different lenses.

Follow us on social media to hear about the importance of culture to various community members. Join our November Common Read for a selection of pieces on culture, identity, and community. And join us next semester on Friday, January 27th, for the SoM SAC and College of A&GS Multicultural Food Festival.

Multicultural Celebration Month " Celebrating what makes us different." OU College of Atmospheric & Geographic Sciences

A&GS November Common Read

Aunties – Kevin Young

American Wedding – Joseph Millar

The Floral Apron – Marilyn Chin



2023 Multicultural Festival

Multicultural festival 2023 is presented by the SoM Student Affairs Committee and the College of A&GS. The event will be on Janruary 27th from 5:30p to 7:30p in the NWC Atrium. "The goal of this event is to celebrate the diversity of cultures that we have within our school/building and the college of A&GS. This event will feature dishes made by students, faculty, and researchers within the NW and will be supplemented by food from local caterers."

To view the 2023 Multicultural Festival program click the following button!

2023 Multicultural Festival Program (pdf)



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