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Minors offered by the OU Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability (DGES) provide complimentary knowledge for a variety of careers and degrees. By combining the study of (a) environmental issues and research methods, (b) social, economic, energy and policy considerations, and (c) digital technologies and their applications, our minors prepare graduates to better comprehend and contribute to addressing real-world social and environmental issues. Our minors include:

Environmental Sustainability

A minor in Envrionmental Sustainability (pdf) equips you with critical concepts and practical skills about how societies can meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This minor focuses on how individuals, organizations and societies can achieve the critical balance between economic, environmental and socio-political forces related to resource management.

Geographic Information Science (GIS)

This minor provides you with practical skills about how Geographic Information Science (pdf) is used to gather, analyze and visualize all forms of geographically referenced information for use in everyday applicatrions such as emergency management, location analysis, real estate rout planning, etc. The minor focuses on different aspects including the use of maps as a communication tool, visualization of different types of spatial data, the study of satellite observations and aerial photgraphs and geospatial analysis of complex societal problems.


A minor in Geography (pdf) provides a broad overview of the human-environment relationship over time and space. You will learn how physical geography influences the nature, types, patterns and distribtion of human activities as well as how human/cultural geography influences how people perceive and use the envrionment and resources around them. Additional topics include the factors motivating patterns of interrelationships and interactions among the global population.

Physical Geography

A minor in Physical Geography (pdf) gives you a broad knowledge of the Earth's physical features, including climate, landforms, ecosystems and natural hazards. This minor focuses on different aspects including biogeography- the distribution of species and ecosystems in geographic space and through time, Geomorphology- the origins and evolution of the Earth's landforms and Climatology- the study of the climate and how it impacts the envrionment, people, and society.

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