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Faculty Specialities

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Faculty Specialties

FacultyResearch InterestWebsite
Kwangyul ChoiTransportation Geography and Planning, Land Use Planning, Travel Behavior, Transit-oriented Development (TOD), Active Transportation, Emerging MobilityLink to Website
Kirsten de BeursRemote Sensing, Land Change Analysis, Urban Change, DrylandsLink to Website
Diana DenhamIndigenous geographies; global South urbanism, socio-environmental movements; food sovereigntyLink to Website
Selena FengGeographic Information Science; Spatial Optimization; Geospatial Data Science; Urban, Regional, and Natural Resource Planning and Development; Emergency Response; Infrastructure and Transportation SystemsLink to Website
Timothy FilleyCritical Zone Science, Organic Geochemisty, Stable Isotope Geochemistry/biogeochemistry, Landscape to microscale soil organic matter dynamicsLink to Website
Travis GliedtEnvironmental Economic Geography, Strategic Green Decisions in Organizations, Green Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Development, Energy SystemsLink to Website
Scott GreeneApplied Climatology, Renewable Energy, OklahomaLink to Website
Bruce HoaglandPlant Biogeography, Vegetation Classification, Floristic AnalysisLink to Website
Jennifer KochLand-use and Land-cover Change, Integrated Modeling, Coupled Human and Natural systems, GISLink to Website
Rebecca LoraammTime Geography, Location Modeling, Suitability Modeling, Network Analysis, Road Ecology, Wildlife Ecology and Management, Animal Movement, Landscape EcologyLink to Website
Renee McPhersonPhysical & Applied Climatology, Climate Variability & Change, Land-Air-Vegetation Interactions, Climate Observing SystemsLink to Website
J. Tom MuellerSpatial Inequality; Geography of Well-being; Rural America; Natural Resources and the Environment; Water; Public HealthLink to Website
Lauren MullenbachEnvironmental justice, urban greening, climate adaptation, gentrification, critical urban geography, homelessnessLink to Website
Thomas NeesonConservation Biology, Landscape Ecology, Freshwater Ecosystems, Simulation and Modeling, StatisticsLink to Website
Darren PurcellPopular Geopolitics, Political Geography, Media and Communications Geographies, Humor, Digital HumanitiesLink to Website
Mark ShaferNatural Hazards, Climate Services, Climate Adaptation, PolicyLink to Website
Laurel SmithGeopolitics of Knowledge, Representation, and Indigeneity; Geohumanities; Visual and Mediated Geographies; Cultural Politics of Development in Latin AmericaLink to Website
Jeff WidenerAmerican West, Cartography and Data Visualization, Historical and Cultural Geography, Geospatial Technologies and Society, GIS, Geography, and Sustainability Education; Place Attachment; Resilience Thinking; Rural GeographyLink to Website
Mike WimberlyDisease Ecology, Public Health, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Remote Sensing, Ecological ModellingLink to Website
Anni YangMedical and Health Geography, Disease ecology, Infectious diseases, Movement ecology, Wildlife-livestock-human interface, Dynamic spatial simulation models, Network modeling, Wildlife Management and ConservationLink to Website