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A student stands on top of a very large boulder during a field trip to the Wichita Mountains.
A student enjoys a great view during a field trip to the Wichita Mountains.

Where do I go... set my projected graduation date?

  • Contact the A&GS Dean's Office at (405) 325-3095 or at find a degree requirement checksheet? find a list of courses that satisfy General Education requirements? find out how a course from another school will transfer to OU? submit a transcript from another school?

...for tutoring?

...if I'm having trouble with my NWC ID clearance?

  • National Weather Center, Room 3630.

What is the policy on storm chasing?

  • The University of Oklahoma's College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences does not condone or encourage storm chasing by students. Anyone who chooses to chase storms does so at their own risk and should not imply that their activities are connected with the University. The only possible exception is when students are officially included in storm intercept activities conducted as part of well-planned and safety-trained scientific projects lead by faculty or scientists in the National Weather Center research units. Storm chasing is not part of the School of Meteorology course curriculum nor should such activities take precedence over the academic activities of the School such as coursework and attending classes and seminars.