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Jobs, Internships, & Research Opportunities

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Jobs, Internships, and Research Opportunities



Current Job Openings

Current Internship Opportunities

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Internships for Credit

Students in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences are strongly encouraged to pursue an internship.  Internships provide students with the opportunity to gain professional experience in their field of study, and may lead to an entry-level position with the business where the internship was performed after graduation.

Although students are not required to seek credit for an internship, many internship employers require that students be enrolled in an internship class.  Students may earn 1-3 hours of credit for an Internship.  Internships may be completed at any time during the academic year, and may be either paid or unpaid. 

Please note:  An internship through the School of Meteorology will not carry degree credit toward a BS in Meteorology unless the student obtains permission from the Director of the School of Meteorology for the internship to fulfill a specific degree requirement. 

Internship Postings

The College of A&GS posts internship openings in Monday Memo during the spring and fall semesters. In addition, students can find internship resources on OU's Career Services website at Students may also seek internships directly with a company or business.

Job Postings

The College also regularly posts student employment positions with a number of the professional organizations on the research campus, e.g., CIMMS, the NWC Library, the South Central Climate Science Adaptation Center, and Research Computing Services, to name just a few.


To apply for an internship for credit in the College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, you must:

Have a declared major in Environmental Sustainability, Geography, Geographic Information Science, or Meteorology.

After an internship is approved by your academic unit, you may enroll in the internship at  Internships are graded S/U and will not be included in your retention grade point average. 

Current Research Opportunities

Current Workshops & Trainings

With a storm looming on the horizon, two students prepare a large, brightly colored weather balloon for launch. Photo courtesy of NOAA.
Preparing for a radiosonde release during a research project. Photo courtesy of NOAA.