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Completed Projects

Taxiway Charlie Reconstruction Project

Runway 36 with a construction signal showing the runway closed.
Runway 21 construction sign at Max Westheimer Airport

Full depth reconstruction for taxiways Charlie, Charlie 1, Delta, and Echo was completed in December of 2020. This construction allowed the airport to increase the weight-bearing capacity of that pavement. The new asphalt is expected to last around 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

2018 Crack and Seal Runway 18/36 Rehabilitation

The Crack and Seal Runway Rehabilitation began on October 14, 2018, and was completed on November 2, 2018.  The Project Manager was Joe Sober, with KSA, and the Construction Manager was Charlie Bright, with the Univesity of Oklahoma.  The bid was awarded to Tri-City Seal Company from Tuttle, Oklahoma. 

Due to all the rain received in Norman during the course of the project, the timeline was extended out a few extra days.  The Airport personnel was hoping the two week time period would have been ample amount of time for the crack seal project to be completed, but since we had large amounts of rain during the project, the project timeline was extended.  The airport remained open during the entire construction project.  However, runway 18/36 was closed due to potential safety issues. 

Beacon Replacement

Refurbish beacon

Rehabilitation of Runway 3/21

Runway 3 rehabilitation

This project consisted of improvements such as filling of cracks and replacement of 3.5" of asphalt. During the process, new drainage structures and grading were done in order to replace old drainage channels from the safety areas of both runway ends.  In addition, the project included the remarking and redesignation of Runway 17/35 and 18/36, as well as, the sealing and remarking of the runway.   

2014 Projects

Airport Garage
Garage to house the Airport Truck and Kobota
New water line placed at hanger 1200
Detention Pond
Detention Pond
Clean-up outside of Building 210.
Construction of hangar connection for Hunter-Miller Company's hangar.
Green tanks that were removed at Building 210.

Replacement of Gate 6

Work being done on the replacement of Gate 6.

2012 Projects

  • Installation of the new AWOS system
  • Installation of the Windsock
  • Installation of the emergency vehicle entrance
  • Replacement of the airfield parking and lanes next to the terminal on the airfield
  • Pavement repair to the airfield
  • Line Shack demolition
  • Flood Lights installed
  • Building of a new residential hanger
  • Controller box installation at Gate 7


2011 Projects

In 2011 PAPI was installed at RWY 35.  The fuel farm received some updates to the fueling area and a road was installed by the north windsock.