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Master Plan

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March 21, 2022

Max Westheimer Airport Master Plan

What is a Master Plan? 

For an individual airport, owners more closely identify with the airport master plan for their airport. An airport master plan represents the airport’s blueprint for long-term development. A few of the goals of a master plan are:
· To provide a graphic representation of existing airport features, future airport development and anticipated land use.
· To establish a realistic schedule for implementation of the proposed development
· To identify a realistic financial plan to support the development
· To validate the plan technically and procedurally through investigation of concepts and alternatives on technical, economic and environmental grounds.
· To prepare and present a plan to the public that adequately addresses all relevant issues and satisfies local, state and federal regulations.
· To establish a framework for a continuous planning process.


Master Plan Public Meeting #1

Max Westheimer hosted the first public meeting for our master plan project March 17, 2022. The purpose of this meeting is to keep the public informed about the project as well as gather feedback from the residents of Norman. Below is information that was shared as well as a voluntary comment form to verbalize any comments, questions, or concerns to the engineering company if you would like to participate. 

pdf Master Plan Public Meeting PowerPoint
PowerPoint overviewing the Master Plan process
pdf Public Comment Form
Public Comment Form for Max Westheimer's Master Plan.