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Economic Impact

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The Economic Impact of

University of Oklahoma Westheimer Airport

In 2017, as part of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission's (OAC) research project, the annual economic impact for 109 airports was estimated.  The economic impacts reported by the OAC study reflects a snapshot of conditions that characterized the airports.  Each airport was investigated, as applicable, to identify potential economic impacts related to airport management, airport tenants, investments in capital projects, and spending from visitors.  The OAC study mainly used four primary measures to express airport-specific annual economic impacts.  These areas include employment/jobs, annual payroll, annual spending, and total annual economic activity. 

Economic impacts reported in the study reflect not only direct impacts but also indirect/induced impacts that result from a multiplier effect.  Together, direct and indirect/induced impacts equal total statewide and airport-specific annual economic impacts.  A state model, specific to Oklahoma, was used by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce to estimate total economic impacts. 

Max Westheimer Airport for 75 years has provided flight training as part of its curriculum through the University of Oklahoma.  The University's School of Aviation, and AABI-accredited program, offers degrees in air traffic control aviation management, and pilot training.  There are currently more than 200 students enrolled in the University's aviation programs.  By supporting the University and its flight training activities, the airport plays an important role in training tomorrow's aviation professionals. 

Several local businesses rely on aircraft based at MWA to support their operations.  Bob Moore Auto Group, a large car dealer in Oklahoma City, frequently flies to visits its other dealerships, clients, and suppliers.  R.T. Oliver Invetmenst flies around the region to oversee its real estate and oil and gas investments.  Toby Keith has a flight department located at the airport which allows him to visit his restaurants and to quickly reach his concert venues across the U.S.   Commander Aviation is currently developing and renovating aircraft to build in the future.  

Overall, the airport's economic impact on the surrounding community is substantial.  On average, Max Westheimer Airport's total annual economic activity is around 37.4 million dollars.

MWA gives general aviation, business aviation, military flights, and medivac flights a centralized location that provides easy access to the University and the City of Norman.  If you would like additional information on our Economic Impact Study, you may click on the link below.  

pdf Economic Impacts (PDF)
OAC's Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Economic Impact Study