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Conducting Business on Max Westheimer Airport Property

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Conducting Business on Max Westheimer Airport Property



To operate a business at the Max Westheimer Airport the operator must submit a detailed description, in writing, to Real Estate Operations at The detailed description shall include the scope of the intended operation;
financial and managerial responsibility and capability; experience of the operator and key employees to conduct the proposed activities; and any additional information requested by the University.


Supporting Documents:

The Operator shall provide such information and documentation as the University reasonably requires including, but not limited to:

A.    The name, address, telephone number, and any additional contact information appropriate for the

B.   The founding documents of the Operator's business organization (e.g., charter, registration, Bylaws,
       Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Organization, Certificate of Limited Partnership,  Partnership
       Agreement) as may be applicable;

C.  The requested or proposed date for commencement of the service and the term of conducting the same;

D.  The commercial activity and/or services to be offered;

E.  The amount, size and location of any land to be leased which must be in compliance with the Airport’s
     current FAA-approved ALP;

F.  The number and type(s) of aircraft to be provided and/or maintained, if applicable;

G.  The number of persons to be employed (including the names and qualifications of each manager or
      supervisor or other key personnel);

H.  The hours of the proposed operation;

I.   FAA Certificates and/or Licenses held for proposed activities and/or services (including the type
     and certificate number); and

J.  Acknowledgment of the appropriate insurance requirements and/or a Certificate of Insurance for the
    contemplated commercial aeronautical activity. Current insurance limits can be found within the airport's
    Minimums Standards


Financial and Managerial Responsibility and Capability:

The Operator shall demonstrate to the University evidence of its financial responsibility from a recognized financial institution, bank, trust company or from such other sources acceptable to the University and readily verified through normal banking channels. The Operator shall also demonstrate financial capability to initiate operations, to construct proposed improvements and to provide working capital to carry out the contemplated commercial aeronautical activities and/or services. The Operator shall also demonstrate financial and managerial capability to conduct commercial aeronautical activities which include a cash flow analysis (showing profit and loss projections) for the first five years of operation.


Experience of the Operator and Key Personnel:

The Operator shall furnish the University with a statement of past experience describing the managerial ability of the Operator and its principals, managers, supervisors and other key employees in providing the proposed commercial aeronautical activity and/or services. If the proposed business is new, the Operator will provide the University with the pertinent experience and resumes of its managers, supervisors and other key employees engaged in the management and operation of the proposed activities.


Additional Information:

All businesses on airport property are required to meet the airport’s Rules and Regulations as well as its Minimum Standards. The Minimum Standards include specific information for each type of operation and/or commercial aeronautical activity is referenced in Section 5, Fixed Base Operator (FBO) and Section 6, Specialized Aviation Service Operator (SASO) of our Minimum Standards


This process can also be found in the Airport’s Minimum Standards.