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Hangar Development Areas

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Future Hangar Development Areas

As Oklahoma City and the metro continue to grow and thrive economically, so does the business environment at Max Westheimer Airport resulting in high demand for commercial and non-commercial hangars.  In order to accommodate future needs, the airport has designated approximately 95 acres for mixed-used hangar development. The 95 acres can be broken into two different sections; the North 71 acres and the South 24 acres.

The North 71 acres is a prime aeronautical real estate located on the Northside of airport property. The North 71 acres provide a quick 20-minute drive to Oklahoma City via Flood Ave. and I-35. This area also provides your company with an ample amount of opportunity for developing your business the way you want. The map below labeled “Future Hangar Development Areas” will give you a better idea of where this land is located.

The South 24 acres is located closer to the terminal building and OU Aviation. This location offers the same easy access to Oklahoma City as the North 71. The map below labeled “Future Hangar Development Areas” will give you a better idea of where this land is located.

Areas Ready for Development

There are also spots located on airport property that are ready for development. These spots can be found on page 15 on the map labeled “Max Westheimer Airport Property List.” Available properties are as follows:

Hangar 5 D Site

This site is a 1.6-acre plot of land to construct a hangar. Utilities are nearby. Issues with this location include a stormwater drain that needs to be moved out from underneath he sight before construction can begin.

There is also a wingtip restriction for movement between hangars. The clearance issue limits the aircraft wingspan between these two hangars to 58ft and 2in. Citation I/II, Super King Air, Twin Beech/Barron, or any single-engine are acceptable. The larger jets – Challenger, Citation X, Falcon, Hawker cannot safely access this location.


For more information on land available for development, please contact Real Estate Operations at or Airport Operations at  to set up a meeting to discuss available options.