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Hangar Rental & Application

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Hangar Rental & Application

Current Hangar Rental Map

Small T- Hangars:
($260.10/month each)

  • 1-10 located at 2200 Goddard Ave.
  • 11-20 located at 2150 Goddard Ave.
  • 21-30 located at 2110 Goddard Ave.

Large T-Hangars:
($442.17/month each)

  •  A-J located at 1908 Goddard Ave.

Corporate T-Hangars:
($1,040.40/month each)

  • 5A (1-4) located at 2234A Goddard Ave.
  • 5B (1-4) located at 2234B Goddard Ave.


Commercial Hangars Building #:
(Contact Property Manager for pricing)

  • 105 located at 1620 Westheimer Dr.
  • 104 located at 1630 Westheimer Dr.
  • 212 located at 1948 Goddard Ave.
  • 307 located at 1600 Westheimer Dr.
  • 317 located at 2232 Goddard Ave.
  • 214 located at 1950 Goddard Ave.
  • 1200 located at 2320 Newton Dr.

Sample Lease and Addendum Information

Hangar Rental Application

Parties interested in renting a hangar at Max Westheimer Airport must be placed on a waitlist.
Real Estate Operations:
: (405) 325-0530

Submit a Hangar Rental Application


Hangar Rental Guidelines

The waitlist position shall be determined by the date of request (oldest date/time to the most recent) for the size of the hangar requested. Position on the hangar wait list shall not be transferred, traded, or sold to any individuals by waitlist requestor.  There will be a non-refundable, one-time hangar waiting-list fee of $100 for any business or individual who would like to be placed on the waiting list. This fee will not be applied toward your rent or refunded if you decide to remove your name from the waiting list.


A. Hangar size preference can be changed at any time by sending an email to Real Estate Operations (


B. To accept an availability offer one must:

  • Reply in the affirmative within 72 hours of the date of notification which is generally made by verbal confirmation, or a message left on voicemail or with  (a contact) person.
  • Be able to accept the offer and occupy hangar with an aircraft registered to the requestor or have a partnership interest in the aircraft within 60 days of acceptance.
  • Sign a lease with Real Estate Operations within one week of acceptance. If no execution of the lease within this time period, hangar availability will be a forfeiture and offered to the next waitlist applicant.

C. If a requestor has requested multiple hangar sizes (i.e small, large, corporate, or commercial), they can refuse the offer of a hangar from one size without compromising their position on the other hangar size.

D. It is the requestor’s responsibility to check their ranking on the waitlist and keep their contact information up to date.



  • Every effort will be made to contact the top position on the list by phone as hangars become available. 
  • A “not interested” response, non-contact, or failure to respond within 72 hours will be considered a decline, and name will be removed from the list.
  • Each applicant will be permitted one decline for the size of the hangar requested.   After the second decline, the applicant will be removed from the waitlist.
  • To reapply to the waitlist, an applicant must submit their request in writing to Real Estate Operations.  The request will restore their name to the bottom of the waitlist.


Current Tenants:

Current tenants are given preference to hangar availability.  Examples are: upgrading aircraft or consolidating multiple aircraft in a large hangar which would then free up other hangars to be leased.  Real Estate Operations has the discretion to move hangar tenants due to hangar maintenance issues or other reasons.