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Academic Life Coaching

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The Academic Life Coaching program at The University of Oklahoma is an innovative mentoring approach designed to provide individualized student support.

The program provides a specially trained coaching mentor who meets regularly with their students throughout the semester. In those sessions, the student and the Academic Life Coach work together to identify stressors and establish goals that lead to academic success and degree completion.


Coaching to Complete

OU Academic Life Coaching Persistence Themes

Student persistence is the perseverance and determination required to achieve your goals, no matter what obstacles are standing in your way.  Students can talk to their Coach about a variety of issues that are affecting their path to success. During coaching sessions, students are asked powerful questions that invite personal reflection. Coaching allows renewed focus and promotes internal motivation.

Although each and every student is their own unique individual, we have identified the below issues as some of the top challenges that impact student success. While coaching will address a wide variety of barriers, these are the core Persistence Themes that our Academic Life Coaches help clarify during coaching sessions.


STUDY SYSTEMS- Students will understand their unique learning preferences, identify resources that enhance study strategies, and commit to a system of optimal academic performance.

MAJOR TO CAREER DESIGN- Students will be able to articulate their values and interests that lay a foundation for academic success, while making informed decisions about their major, and establish objectives that align with career goals. 

HEALTH AND RESILIENCY- Students will be able to build systems that strengthen their overall health and wellness, while learning how to enhance their mental and physical self, and overcome challenges through resilience.   

FINANCIAL CONFIDENCE- Students will take ownership of the financial responsibilities associated with college attendance, identify financial resources, and appreciate the lifelong benefits of degree completion.

SUPPORT NETWORKS- Students will understand the value of a positive support network, develop trusted relationships, and explore campus organizations that strengthen their commitment to success.

COMPETING RESPONSIBILITIES- Students will learn how to develop an effective time management system, prioritize both academic and non-academic commitments, and balance those demands to reflect their values and priorities.

MOTIVATION AND ACHIEVEMENT- Students will learn how to identify personal motivators and facilitate strategies to meet their goals and objectives.  

IDENTITY AND INCLUSION- Students will be able to recognize the personal and social identities that comprise their individuality, develop relationships that deepen their sense of belonging, and manage the transitions associated with a new campus culture.