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Cassandra Negron

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Cassandra Negron
Assistant Director of Academic Advising
OU University College

Cassandra's Coaching Mindset: "I believe coaching is a tool for students to explore their identity, potential, and purpose as they work to achieve attainable goals."

Higher Education Background:

  • Bachelor's- Music, Grand Valley State University.
  • Bachelor's- Non-Profit Administration, Grand Valley State University.
  • Master's- Music in Musicology and Oboe Performance, The University of Oklahoma.

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Dancing.
  • Dungeons and Dragons.
  • Plants.
  • Hiking.
  • Animals.

Top Life Defining Moments in Higher Education:

  • I attended Grand Valley State University and struggled in my first year.
  • I found support and resources to help me succeed in my second year.
  • I started my master's degree at OU in Music.
  • I worked in Housing Operations for "extra cash", and found happiness with work in higher education.

While in college, I experienced:

  • Balancing work and school.
  • Being undecided on a major.
  • Difficulty building and managing a successful study system.
  • Having no sense of belonging.
  • Financial Stress.
  • Being a first-generation college student.
  • Homesickness.
  • Being a part of a Greek organization.
  • Overcoming daily challenges through resiliency.