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Lori Dekalb Williams

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Lori Williams-DeKalb
Pre-Law Academic Advisor
OU Academic Advising Resource Center

Lori's Coaching Mindset: "I believe that coaching is a partnership between the student and the coach that allows the student see themselves through a new lens and discover that they had the answers all along."

Higher Education Background:

  • Bachelor's- Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University.
  • Juris Doctorate- Law, The University of Oklahoma.

Interests and Hobbies:

  • Laughing.
  • Collecting craft supplies and occasionally using them.
  • Watching baby goat or cat videos.
  • Crushing my opponents on Words With Friends.

Top Life Defining Moments in Higher Education:

  • Selecting and pursuing a non-traditional major that prepared me for law school.
  • Transitioning from a legal career to my position as Pre-Law Advisor.
  • Participating in the development and execution of a continuing workshop series focusing on minority populations for advisors.

While in college, I experienced:

  • Being undecided on a major.
  • Not having a sense of belonging.
  • Overcoming daily challenges through resiliency.