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Oklahoma Archeological Survey

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Oklahoma Archeological Survey

COVID-19 Procedures as of September 9, 2020

File Search Requests (Version 3.0)

In the wake of COVID-19, the University of Oklahoma (OU) has implemented procedures geared toward ensuring a safe, healthy campus environment.  We are issuing the guidance below to address the ways in which our procedures at the Oklahoma Archeological Survey (OAS) will be affected.  Please read this information carefully.

  • Until our office reopens to non-OU personnel, OAS staff will complete site file checks on behalf of qualified archaeological consultants and agency representatives who request that assistance in association with a Section 106 project as we are able and other workloads permit.

·  To request site file checks, please submit the following information to

    • One completed OAS File Search Form per project*, which is to be signed by the Principal Investigator (PI).
    • A map of the Area of Potential Effects (APE) or study area and 1-mile buffer.
    • A list of all USGS topographic quadrangle maps for the APE and buffer.
    • A list of all legal descriptions, including: Section; Township; Range; and Meridian for the APE and buffer.  Please include this list under the Additional Project Information section on page 2 of the form.
    • Requests that contain incomplete or inaccurate information will be returned to the sender.

·  *If you are requesting file searches for multiple small cellular communication towers in close proximity to one another (i.e., in the same neighborhood or within a few blocks of one another), please submit one form for the group of towers.  The form must include a list of constituent towers in the Project Description.  The list of legal descriptions must be provided based on the area that encompasses all the towers and a 1-mile buffer beyond the outer-most towers.


·  Please ensure that all documents are combined into a single PDF file and named according to the following formula: Company name_project name_file_search.pdf

    • If the file size is larger than 35 Mb, compartmentalize the submission so the respective files are less than 35 Mb and send in multiple messages.

·  Indicate “File Search Request” in the Subject line of your email message.


· Usual fees for requested forms will apply and your firm/agency will be billed accordingly.

We make every effort to complete file search requests as expeditiously as possible.  However, given the current limited capacity, we make no guarantees regarding our ability to accommodate file search requests—particularly for large projects—quickly.  We ask for your continued patience.

Archeological Survey Logo

Oklahoma Archeological Survey

COVID-19 Procedures as of September 9, 2020

Submission of Section 106 Projects (Version 3.0)

In the wake of COVID-19, the University of Oklahoma (OU) has implemented procedures geared toward ensuring a safe, healthy campus environment.  Our office remains closed to non-OU staff; however, OAS is now receiving regular deliveries from Central Mail and other delivery services.  Please read and follow the updated instructions below regarding the submission of projects that are subject to compliance with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA).  Adhering to this guidance will facilitate the review process.

Standard Submission Process

We are again able to receive deliveries directly to our office (e.g., FedEx, UPS, or similar) and through OU central mail via USPS.  If able, we ask that applicants/agencies submit projects via hard-copy format as per our usual procedures:


If an agency/applicant is unable to submit a project in hard-copy format, we will continue to receive and review project submissions electronically (please see steps below).

Electronic Submission Process

Compile your submission documents for review according to our standard guidance, including a cover letter.

o   Please indicate the appropriate point of contact to whom the OAS response should be issued in the cover letter.

o   Combine files into a single document—preferably PDF format.

o   Name the file using the following formula: agency initials_project name_county.pdf

Provided the file size is less than 35 Mb, you may send the submission attached to an email to

o   Please indicate the type of submission in the Subject line: Initial Submission; Report Submission; ODEQ-FEMA Submission; ODOT Project; ODOT utility file search; or Other.

If the file size is larger than 35Mb, please contact Kary Stackelbeck ( to make arrangements for an alternative method of delivery.


Applicants/agencies who submit reports electronically will be asked to supply a hard-copy of those documents at a later date as they are able to do so.  In such instances, please attach a completed version of the Hard-Copy Submittal Form.

Mission Statement

To research Oklahoma's archeological record; to work with state and federal agencies, and the citizens of Oklahoma to preserve significant archeological sites; and to disseminate information about Oklahoma's cultural heritage through publications and public presentations. 


Congratulations to Debra Green and Lee Bement for receiving the FY-2017 Historic Preservation Fund Award from the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Services

Archeological Survey in the News

Spiro Artifact

Oklahoma Archeological Survey's Scott Hammerstedt comments on the potential for undiscovered sites and artifacts in the State of Oklahoma in this article from the Tulsa World.

John Klein: Archaeologists have barely scratched the surface in Oklahoma for ancient artifacts

Upcoming Events

25th Anniversary of the Cooper Site

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the first excavation at the Cooper Site in Harper County, Oklahoma. This extraordinary site has given us rare insight into Folsom hunting practices and rituals. To celebrate the Oklahoma Archeological Survey will be hosting a free public lecture by Dr. Leland Bement entitled 25 Years of Cooper: Folsom Bison Hunting and Beyond with a reception to follow. 

Please join us Tuesday, October 16th, 2018 at 7pm in the Robert S. Kerr Auditorium of the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History to hear more about this exciting research! 

You can read more about this marvelous site by clicking here.

Oklahoma Anthropological Society Fall Dig

October 11th - 14th, 2018

This event will take place just north of Spiro Mounds in Muldrow, Oklahma. Returning for a second year, we are excited to uncover more about Oklahoma's past.

Join us for a long weekend for this year's Fall Dig! The Oklahoma Anthropological Society will be hosting this four-day long excavation, with assistance from the Oklahoma Public Archaeology Network, and guidance from Dr. Scott Hammerstedt. Ages 10-16 are welcome to participate with adult accompaniment, while everyone is welcome to attend, ask questions, and learn more about archaeology.

For further contact information and details, click here. We hope to see you there!