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Found An Artifact?

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Find Something of Interest?

The faculty and the staff of the Oklahoma Archeological Survey are happy to help identify potential archaeological materials found within the state of Oklahoma. Since there are so few of us and the state is so large, we frequently rely on members of the public to document the state’s archaeological record. Members of the public can be our best asset when it comes to important archaeological discoveries!

An artifact is anything made or modified by humans in the past. In Oklahoma, this may include pieces of stone, either chipped or ground, pottery, pieces of bone or shell, historic crockery, glass, metal items or building materials, and, rarely, organic materials such as textiles. 

If you have an artifact you would like identified by Survey staff, please contact us with the following information:

  • Where the artifact was found. If you find artifacts in multiple locations, please keep artifacts separated by location. The location of a find provides valuable information for archaeologists.
  • Photograph of the artifact from multiple angles. Tips for photographing an artifact: 1. Take the picture in bright natural light to increase the visibility of significant details. 2. Use something, such as a coin, as a scale so we know how big it is.

Please note that the Survey does not authenticate items for commercial purposes or appraise items for their monetary value.

An archaeological site is a place where evidence of past activity by humans is preserved.

If you have an archaeological site you would like to report, please call (405) 325-7211 or email our office.

As per Oklahoma Statute § 21-1168.4(A), anyone who encounters or discovers unmarked graves and their contents should stop any further disturbance activities and report the find to an appropriate law enforcement officer in the county where the remains are found. 

Procedures differ in reporting looting or vandalism depending on whether you have discovered this on federal, state, tribal or private land. If you discover evidence of vandalism on private land, the appropriate contact is the landowner. If you are the landowner, you may contact local law enforcement as the action may constitute a violation of Oklahoma Statute § 53-361(K). The State Archaeologist may be called upon to provide assistance to law enforcement or the landowner in such instances.

You can support research into Oklahoma’s Past by making a donation to the Archeological Survey through the OU Foundation