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Debra Green

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Debra Green

Assistant State Archaeologist

University of Illinois at Chicago, Ph.D. Anthropology

University of Illinois at Chicago, M.A. Environment and Urban Planning (GIS)

University of Oklahoma M.A. Anthropology

University of Washington B.A. Anthropology

Debra Green CV


Research Interests

I am the Assistant State Archaeologist at the Oklahoma Archeological Survey, University of Oklahoma. I assist the state archaeologist with the Section 106 review process of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). As part of the Community Assistance Program (CAP) at the Archeological Survey, I oversee our staff of graduate students who review proposed construction projects across the state and assess the potential impacts of these projects on archaeological resources. I have worked in the Pacific Northwest, across the Great Plains, the Philippine islands, Vietnam, Okinawa, Puerto Rico, and Guam.

My research interests are in human-landscape interactions, hunter-gatherer settlement patterns, and sediments in archaeological contexts. I employ the methods of the earth sciences (geoarchaeology) to address archaeological questions.

My current research is focused on a regional-scale reconnaissance of the soil-sediment relationship in Dewey County to document the stratigraphy and chronology of Holocene landscapes and assess the potential for buried archaeological deposits.


Green, D. K.

2006 Geoarchaeology of Site 34RM507. In The Archaeology of the Dempsey Divide edited by Karin Rebnegger. Sam Noble Museum Oklahoma Museum of Natural History Monographs, Norman.

Bement, L. C., D. K. Green, and B. J. Carter

2002 Pedestrian Survey of Canyons in the Cimarron River Drainage Harper County, Oklahoma. The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Archeological Survey Archeological Resource Survey Report No. 45, Norman.

Stein, J. K., D. K. Green, and S. Sherwood

2011 Sediment Analysis. In Is It a House? A Shell Midden on San Juan Island, Washington, edited by Amanda Nelson and Julie K. Stein, Chapter 5, pp 45-63. University of Washington Press, Seattle.

In progress:

Green, D. K.

The Geoarchaeology of a Catastrophic Flood Event at the Tibes Ceremonial Center in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Journal article in progress.

Green, D. K.

The Origin of a Horseshoe-Shaped Shell Midden in the San Juan Islands, Washington State: A Case Study Using Microartifacts. Journal article in progress.

Green, D. K. and K. Banks

Archaeological Data Recovery at Larson Village, 32BL9: A Large Earthlodge Village Site in North Dakota. Journal article in progress.