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Lee Bement

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Leland C. Bement

Senior Researcher

Ph.D. 1991 University of Texas

Lee Bement CV


Research Interests

I am primarily interested in the development of New World hunting technologies. I specialize in animal bone archaeology, particularly as represented in Plains bison kill sites of all ages. Reconstructing herd demographics is as important as reconstructing the butchering programs employed after a successful kill. The interplay between people, prey animals, landscape features, and the environment reveals social as well as technological developments in hunter-gatherer and horticultural societies. 


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2016    Carlson, K.C., B. Culleton, D. Kennett, and L. Bement. Tightening Chronology of Paleoindian Bison Kill Sites on the Northern and Southern Plains. PaleoAmerica 2(2):90-98. DOI:10.1080/20555563.2016.1171961.

2016    Bement, L. Assessing Flint Knapping Skill: An Analysis of the Beaver River Complex Folsom Point Assemblages, Northwest Oklahoma, USA. PaleoAmerica 2(2):159-168. DOI:10.1080/20555563.2016.1171945.

2016    Arauza, Hanna M., Alexander R. Simms, Leland C. Bement, Brian J. Carter, Travis Conley, Ammanuel Woldergauy, William C. Johnson, and Priyank Jaiswal. Geomorphic and sedimentary responses of the Bull Creek Valley (Southern High Plains, USA) to Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change. Quaternary Research 85:118-132.

2016    Bement, L. and B. Carter. Folsom Bison Hunting on the Southern Plains of North America. In: Stones, Bones, and Profiles: Exploring Archaeological Context, Early American Hunter-Gatherers, and Bison, edited by Marcel Kornfeld and Bruce B. Huckell, pp. 291-311. University Press of Colorado, Boulder.

2015    Bement, L. and B. Carter, From Mammoth to Bison: Changing Clovis Prey Availability at the End of the Pleistocene. In Clovis: On the Edge of a New Understanding. Edited by Ashley Smallwood and Thomas Jennings, pp. 263-275. Texas A&M Press, College Station.

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1985    Bement, L. Spray Foam:  A New Bone Encasement Technique.  Journal of Field Archeology 12(3):371-372.