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January 23, 2017

The January 2017 meeting was held in Bizzell Library LL118 at 1:30 pm. Proxy Chris Kobza led the meeting in President David Goodspeed’s absence.

ONE portal - Lindsey Bond and David Luna from OU IT showed the group the ONE portal that will be replacing the ozone ‘link farm’ landing page. The ONE portal will be more personalized and user-centered. The project team is working in two-week sprints. They started with the student beta in late summer, launched a version with advisor functionality last Tuesday, and will be adding faculty and staff functionality this spring. They are looking to add everything for staff in February and then faculty in April. The cut-off from ozone to ONE is planned for April. The minimum functionality needed before we move to ONE is Banner, The Book and current ozone functionality. For grades this spring, faculty will have a link that goes to Banner XE to enter grades.

OU Wellness program – Lisa Millington, Chris Glenn, Aaron Lindley, Debra Levy-Martinelli, and Amy Davenport provided information about the OU Wellness program. They urged the group to follow the program on Facebook and Twitter, and to use the hashtag #2Easy4U. The Wellness program is for all members of the OU community, the idea is for you to Live Your Best Life. They showed a demo of the Wellness portal app that will be launching Feb 15. A link to the app will be included in email communications and on the website. The portal app will contain categories of activities in which points can be earned that could amount to cash prizes. Examples of the categories are Health & Fitness, Education, Community Service, and Connections.  Amy mentioned the Huston Huffman has been renamed to Sarkeys Fitness Center. She also mentioned that wellness activities are occurring in many areas of campus, including the IT stores on campus corner and the Union, Sarkeys Fitness Center, and various other locations. The website contains more information details, as well as their email newsletters.

Volunteer for Vice-President to replace Breion Rollins – there were no volunteers for this position. Nominations/volunteers will be solicited via email to the ASC membership.

Merit Awards Selection Committee Chair – Jeralyn Woodall volunteered to be Chair of the ASC Staff Merit Awards Selection Committee. Volunteers for this selection committee will be solicited via email.

OU Staff Week ASC picnic – We need to form a committee for this.

Staff Senate meeting recap – Jean relayed comments that David had provided. David had said Staff Senate discussed some possibilities of doing volunteer group work as not just Staff Senate, but including all the groups. This would be outside of things like The Big Event. David had also said that most of the meeting concerned Cigna. Evidently there are quite a few concerns and problems, and David would like anyone who has concerns or issues with HR to let him know.

March meeting location – We’ll try to arrange for the March 20 meeting to be held at the Innovation Hub. There is no meeting planned for February.


October 24, 2016 meeting, Bizell Library LL118-

Benefits Enrollment 2017 - Representatives from OU Human Resources presented information concerning the new medical plans and the benefits enrollment process.
Cigna Plan guide (PDF)
Benefits Enrollment 2017 (PDF)

OU Password Change - Chris Kobza said OU passwords must be changed at least once a year. See Pass the Word for more information.


September 19, Oklahoma Memorial Stadium
To “kick off” our first meeting, Greg Tipton from the Athletic department gave us a behind the scenes and fan facing area tour of the south end zone! This was a great opportunity to take a deeper look at the new area and all the amazing work and efforts put forth!


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