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General Education Assessment Subcommittee (GEAS)

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General Education Assessment Subcommittee (GEAS)


The General Education Assessment Subcommittee was formed to oversee implementation and continuous review of the new OU General Education Assessment Plan.  This includes:

1. Reviewing assessment information in syllabi to ensure that:

  • The course addresses at least one of the newly articulated general education SLOs.
  • The course addresses at least three performance indicators in each general education SLOs.
  • Assessment strategies are clearly described for each performance indicator.
  • Rubrics used to evaluate the quality of student learning are systematically aligned with performance indicators and the performance scales.

2. Monitor, as needed, aspects of the university-wide general education assessment process and schedule. This will include:

  • Identifying courses to be included in the GE assessment schedule.
  • Recommending deletion of courses from the GE assessment schedule.
  • Making changes, as needed, to the GE assessment schedule to ensure that each SLO is assessed.

3. Reviewing reports of student performance as well as information on the use of assessment results. This will lead to preparation of:

  • Recommendations about use of assessment results for continuous improvement.
  • Feedback regarding GE assessment to faculty members.
  • Reports of student performance for both institutional and accreditation needs.



Members of the subcommittee shall play a vital role in advising the Vice Provost for Instruction and Student Success on matters pertaining to assessment of the general education program/curriculum to ensure the design, implementation, analysis, documentation, and funding of general education assessment.

Current members

1.    Jenel Cavazos (Department of Psychology): Chair of the Subcommittee

2.    Amanda Klinger (Department of English)

3.    Jennifer Davis (Department of History)

4.    Chris Sadler (School of Drama)

5.    Eric Lee (Department of Biology)

6.    Katrina Boyd (Department of Film & Media Studies)

7.    Melody Rowlett (Department of Political Science)

8.    Felix Wao (Director of Academic Assessment)