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Assessment Committee

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The Provost Advisory Committee for Learning Outcomes Assessment (PACLOA) was originally established by the Provost to play a crucial advisory role regarding assessment of academic programs at OU.  PACLOA has led, in part, to significant successes regarding improvement of various aspects of assessment at OU such as organizing and hosting the annual Assessment Forum, discussing findings of the annual OU Student Satisfaction Surveys and developing OU Policy of Academic Assessment of Student Learning.  To enhance the effectiveness of the group and cultivate a culture of assessment and continuous improvement of student learning, as well as promote continued faculty buy-in, PACLOA was reconstituted to serve both advisory and representative functions.  


Committee Functions and Structure

The overall charge of PACLOA is to advise the Provost on assessment of student learning activities/initiatives at OU.  To accomplish this, PACLOA comprises two sub-committees, (1) College Assessment Representatives and (2) Institutional Effectiveness. The sub-committees advise and work closely with the Office of Academic Assessment to recommend ongoing enhancement of assessment infrastructure, policies, processes and products and, support the ongoing efforts to cultivate a culture of assessment of student learning and continuous improvement at OU.




To foster effective and efficient assessment-related communication within Colleges and promoting faculty buy-in, College Assessment Committee:

1. Reviews and assists in communicating program-level assessment policies to departments/schools. This may include:

a. Any changes recommended by the group regarding the current assessment policies.

b. Changes in the assessment-related criteria of the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and assessment requirements by State Regents.

2. Discusses the outcome of annual review of program assessment reports and identifies best practices in program assessment at OU.

3. Proposes and supports assessment-related professional development activities for faculty (e.g., helping to increase participation in the annual Assessment Forum, proposing participation in other national and/or regional Assessment Conferences, and identifying innovative practices for enhancing program assessment processes and boosting faculty buy-in).

4. Recommends recognition of and/or incentives for faculty participation in professional development activities in (3) above.


Harold Mortimer, Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts
Aiyana Henry, Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education
Jason Hall, College of Professional and Continuing Studies 
Petra Klein, College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences
Keith Gaddie, Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture 
Waleed Mahdi, David L. Boren College of International Studies
Michael Markham College of Arts and Sciences
David Craig, Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication 
Randa Shehab, Gallogly College of Engineering 
Beth Stetson, Michael F. Price College of Business
Felix Wao, Office of Academic Assessment (Chair)
TBD, Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy
Gail Mullins, College of Law




The Institutional Effectiveness sub-committee play a crucial role of reviewing reports of university-wide surveys regarding student satisfaction and engagement, and proposing institutional-level recommendations for continuous improvement. This is done through

1. Reviewing findings of the following university-wide surveys conducted by the Office of Academic Assessment.

a. OU Student Satisfaction Survey (conducted annually in Spring semester).

b. National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) – conducted in Spring semester once every 3 years.

2. Proposing university-level recommendations for continuous improvement based on university-wide survey findings.


Nicole Campbell, University College
Jennifer Kisamore, Graduate College (Tulsa)
Geneva Murray, Center for Faculty Excellence 
Susannah Livingood, Institutional Research and Reporting (IRR)
ShaRonda Maclin, Division of Student Affairs
Patrick McCann, Graduate College (Norman)
Felix Wao, Office of Academic Assessment (Chair)