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OU Institutional Surveys

The Office of Academic Assessment at the University of Oklahoma is charged with conducting a number of student-related institutional surveys targeting student satisfaction as well as student engagement. Findings from these surveys are critical as part of the overall institutional decision-making processes pertaining to various aspects of student satisfaction and engagement in light of students’ educational experiences at the University of Oklahoma.  Participants are usually entered into an incentive drawing with various prizes (e.g., Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Air Pods Wireless Headphones, and Amazon or Starbucks gift cards). Below are brief descriptions regarding each of the surveys:

OU Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

The OU Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) is administered annually to all students at the Norman campus. The survey was developed in Fall 2014 to measure five key areas of student experience: (1) Academic, (2) Campus Life, (3) Advising, (4) Services, and (5) General/Other. The survey aims at capturing student satisfaction with services and resources that impact their daily experiences at OU, with the overall intent to develop and implement recommendations for continuous improvement. 

SSS 2019 Results Infographic
SSS 2018 Results Infographic

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) is a well-known national project for measuring student engagement at the college level. NSSE is only administered to degree-seeking first-year undergraduates and graduating seniors. The majority of the survey questions in NSSE ask students to report on their participation in educationally purposeful activity related to skills, abilities, knowledge, interaction with peers and faculty members. These questions are then grouped into composite scores, which serve as indicators of effective educational practices. In addition, there are several questions that address overall satisfaction with the institution, self-reported outcomes, and academic advising. NSSE is administered every three years at OU. 

NSSE 2019 Snapshot
NSSE 2016 Snapshot