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Chair and Vice Chairs

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Meet the 2021 Chair and Vice Chairs!


Adelle Sturgell


"Hello! My name is Lindsay Wiseman, and I am the Chair this year! I am a senior from Lubbock, Texas, and I am a Microbiology major. This is my fourth year on The Big Event. I’m very excited to continue to impact the connection between OU students, faculty, staff and the Norman community. The Big Event is one of the most impactful organizations at OU because it creates a community through service. Service work creates a special connection between volunteers and the bigger community we are all a part of. I am so excited to lead The Big Event this year and continue to share my passion for community service with OU!”

Associate Chair

Katie Shepard

"Hello! My name is Gavin Hetzler, I’m a senior majoring in Chemical Biosciences and Letters. I began my journey in The Big Event on the Operations Staff my freshman year, and I’m excited to finish it as the Associate Chair. Out of everything I have been a part of, this organization has had the greatest influence on me throughout my time in college because it taught me to shift my focus from myself to something much bigger. As college students, it is so easy to spend our years here concerned with only ourselves and nothing else. The Big Event showed me the necessity of leaving campus and the community better than I found it. This year, I hope to convince others to think the same."


Vice Chair of Database

Hope Anderson


"Hello! My name is Kelsey Dewbre, and I am a senior from Oklahoma City, majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I have previously served on the Operations Staff and on the Executive Team as a Database Coordinator. The Big Event encourages selflessness and compassion, and seeing the gratitude expressed by so many people in the community has made me love this organization and want to pour my all into it! My team will be creating python scripts and spreadsheets this year to help make The Big Event the best and most efficient it can be!"


Vice Chair of Public Relations

Lea Papanicolaou


"Hi! My name is Anna Roberts, and I am a senior, advertising major. I am currently the Vice-Chair of Public Relations after previously serving as a graphic designer for two years. In my work, I am passionate about using advertising and public relations initiatives to help nonprofits. I see it as my purpose in life to use my skills and knowledge in this area to serve the community. With every graphic created, social media post shared, picture taken, and publicity event planned, I strive to share our mission of 'Community Through Service' with our campus. I feel honored for the opportunity to work with such talented and service-minded students to spread the word about an                                                                             organization that does so much good in our community."

Vice Chair of Campus Engagement

Jared Nichols


"Hello! My name is Noah Dierker, and I am a senior in Electrical Engineering from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Previously I have served on the Operations Staff and executive committee for Campus Engagement, and this year I am honored to be serving as the Vice Chair of Campus Engagement. My committee will be working all year recruiting volunteers by meeting with organization leaders and speaking in front of classes, chapters, and meetings."

Vice Chair of Sponsorship

Shelby Mann

“Hello! My name is Lawson Sumler, and I am a junior from Tulsa, Oklahoma, majoring in Public and Nonprofit Administration. I have previously served on the Executive Team as a member of the Sponsorship Committee last year, before taking over as Vice Chair this year. The Big Event has been an integral part in my college experience, as it has helped me develop a passion for serving others and working together to make something bigger than myself. My committee will be working all year to research and contact sponsors to make this year’s Big Event the biggest one yet! I can’t wait to see the amazing impact we will make on the OKC area this spring!”


Vice Chair of Jobsite Recruitment

Shary Bouvette

“Hello! My name is Jared Nichols, and I am a senior from Tulsa, Oklahoma majoring in Biology. This is my fourth year serving with The Big Event, I have previously served on the Operations Staff my freshman year and as a member of the Campus Recruitment team my sophomore year, and was the Vice Chair of campus engagement last year. This year I have the privilege of serving as the Vice Chair of Jobsite Recruitment. The Big Event has been the perfect opportunity for me to use my love of service to encourage students to become excited about helping those around us in the Norman/OKC area. It is so wonderful to see the impact that we have when we begin to put others above ourselves, and I can’t wait to see the impact we will                                                                                 have this year!”


Vice Chair of Operations

Lindsay Wiseman


"Hello! My name is David Horton and I'm a junior Business Finance major here at OU. I am from Frisco, TX,  I am proud to say I have the privilege of serving as the Vice Chair of Operations for The Big Event 2021! This is my third year being a part of The Big Event team after serving on Operations Staff my Freshman year and serving as the Operations Staff Relations Coordinator last year. I am so excited for this year, and can't wait to continue serving the community throughout the year along with building new connections throughout our community. The Operations Staff focuses on facilitating the relationships and communication with The Big Event’s jobsites, and I                                                                         can't wait to continue the same awesome work this year!"


Vice Chair of Outreach

Lindsay Wiseman


"Hi! My name is Krista Thompson, and I am a senior studying public health from Plano, Texas. I am so excited to serve as the Vice Chair of Outreach this year! The Big Event has shown me the value of being engaged in my local community and has taught me the importance of saying thank you to the people and places that make OU feel like home. It is such a joy to be a part of an organization that helps students, faculty, and staff serve together! This year the Outreach Team is working to provide this same experience to college and high school campuses across the US and internationally. The Big Event has been an instrumental part of my college years, and I am so                                                                                   excited to lead a team that will help provide this experience to other                                                                           communities!"