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Logo Violations

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Logo Violations

So that the University of Oklahoma can maintain the design integrity of its brand and maximize each logo’s effectiveness as an identifier, it is mandatory that all logos be applied as indicated in this manual without modification. The logos are not to be altered in any way. Shown here are unacceptable uses of OU logos.

Interlocking OU Logo


Logo ViolationIssue – What NOT To Do
Never add unauthorized text to the OU logo.
Never rotate the OU logo.  The bottom of the "U" should always be a horizontal line.
Never reproportion any OU logo.
Never skew or distort any OU logo.
Never place any marks without a holding shape on an overly complex background.
Never put the OU logo in a unique shape.
Never use any unapproved vintage identity.
Never use any logo on a background with insufficient contrast.

OU Seal and Seed Sower Icon

Logo ViolationIssue – What NOT To Do
Never crop the OU Seal or use it as a low contrast background image or texture.
Never reverse the OU Seal.
Never use the Seed Sower icon on a dark background without a holding shape.

Schooner Art


Logo ViolationIssue – What NOT To Do
Never create your own Sooner Schooner artwork.
Never reverse the Sooner Schooner logo.
Never place the Sooner Schooner logo on a dark background without the white holding shape.



Logo ViolationIssue – What NOT To Do
Never distort any OU logo.
Never use any OU logo in Oklahoma Cream in a background with insufficient contrast. 
Never change the typeface in any OU logo. 
Never use unapproved wording in any OU logo. 



Logo ViolationIssue – What NOT To Do
Never create your own color breaks for OU logos. 
Never resize or reproportion logo elements.
Never put the helmet art on a dark background without its white holding shape.
Never place OU text or logos on the bottom of a pair of shorts.
Never change the orientation of any academic identity.
Never use unapproved names with the OU athletics logos.
Never use the interlocking OU logo as part of a word.
Artboard 1.pngNever emphasize the letters "OU" in text.