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Logos & Wordmarks

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Use of University Name, Seal, and Marks

The University's name, its seal, and the interlocking OU are among the words and symbols that are trademarked by the University and protected by law. Consult Web Communications, Marketing & New Media on the use of trademarked items. The OU Office of Licensing Programs also regulates use of University trademarks. The OU Licensing Trademark Program provides information on use of these trademarks by faculty, staff, students, and alumni of the University of Oklahoma. The licensing web site includes policies and applications for the use of OU names and marks on merchandise and when promoting products or services. Also, the OU Style Guide provides helpful information on editorial style related to trademarks and other topics.

Logos & Wordmarks on Websites

The interlocking OU logo and OU wordmark must appear near the top of all web pages. This is typically included in a department/college logo or wordmark.

Appropriate uses of the OU logo can be found in the OU Brand Guide logo section.


The University of Oklahoma academic identity has a specific web version to ensure usability on each website. In all cases, the academic identity utilizes the font Adobe Garamond Pro for its wordmark. There should never be a deviation from the proportions and layouts shown on this page. All wordmarks are created by Public Affairs. To request a wordmark, contact For more information on academic marks, visit the OU Brand Guide Academic Mark section.

The OU seal, also a registered trademark of the University, is generally reserved for official University documents and is discouraged for use on most sites. It must be approved by the University’s Trademark Administration Committee before being used on pages. Care should always be taken when displaying the seal to maintain its integrity. The seal must never be animated or written over and should always be displayed at the highest quality. It must not be used as a background image for any website.

Approval Process

All new sites and sites involved in a redesign must be reviewed by OU Marketing and Communications (