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Budget Council

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Budget Council


Budgeting Papers and Pen

The Budget Council (Norman) is charged to recommend to and advise the President and other appropriate administrators on matters concerning fiscal policies and resources of the University. Its purpose is to provide on a continuing basis continuity and balance in budgetary planning and execution within the University. The Budget Council shall also report each semester to the Faculty Senate on matters concerning fiscal policies and resources of the University.

The Budget Council has immediate responsibility for advising the President of all fiscal matters associated with those programs in the Provost's area. The Council is also to advise on functions associated with Vice Presidents other than the Provost which affect the academic program. The budgets of all colleges shall at the planning and review stages come to the Council. It shall further be the responsibility of this Council to review and formulate general policy and reduce to writing guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of the administrative structure of the University.

The Council must be informed of the scope and operation of the entire University budget. While certain areas do not fall within the usual scope of its advisory and recommending responsibility, it is necessary that the budget officers involved in those areas report regularly to the Council. It is further assumed that voluntary reports to the Council will be available from the Director of the Oklahoma University Foundation, the Vice President for University Relations and Development, the Vice President for Continuing Education and Public Service, etc. While the Athletics Council does advise the President on budget matters pertaining to athletics, the Athletic Director and/or the Chair of the Athletics Council shall periodically report to the Budget Council. The Directors of other auxiliary enterprises may be asked to report to the Council.

In carrying out these responsibilities, the Council shall:

1. Formulate statements of general fiscal policy and help establish long-range objectives for the University.

2. Develop budget priorities early in the planning stage for the following year's budget.

3. Recommend to and advise the President on the distribution of all University funds at the Vice Presidential level as well as the distributions within the Provost areas. The Council may elect to examine appropriations or expenditures within a college. Necessarily, the Council must be provided direct and immediate access to the budgets of all deans, directors, vice presidents, and the Provost.

4. Review regularly actual and proposed actions by the administration to ensure adherence to established policy guidelines and recommendations.

5. Receive and review the recommendations of all other councils or committees, the implementation of which involve significant fiscal commitment; specifically, but not only, the Administrative and Physical Resources Council, the Athletics Council, and the Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare.

6. Periodic review of actual and proposed changes in the administrative structure of the-University. with particular attention to the Norman campus. These reviews should take into consideration the structure, functions, and number of administrative offices and personnel.

Administrative & Faculty Liason

1. The Provost, Norman Campus, shall be an ex-officio member of the Council without vote.

2. The Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services shall be an ex-officio member of the Council without vote and shall provide staff support for the Council.

3. All other vice presidents, deans, directors, etc. and their assistants or associates shall serve as consultants upon request.

4. The Chair of the Council shall report regularly to the Faculty Senate and shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Senate.

Operating Procedures

The Council shall formulate its own operating procedures, but they shall include:

1. The election of a Chair from among the faculty members of the Council.

2. Provision for liaison with all appropriate councils and committees, particularly those noted in 5 above.

3. Provision for subcommittees of the Council to which non-members of the Council may be appointed if appropriate.

Committee Membership

Membership: The Budget Council will consist of 14 members apportioned in the following manner:

6 Faculty Members- Faculty Senate appoints 4, the President appoints 2 - 3 year terms 3 Staff Members- Staff Senate appoints 2, the President appoints 1 - 3 year terms 3 Students - UOSA appoints 2, President appoints 1 - 1 year terms Provost - ex-officio, non-voting. Vice President for Administrative and Financial Services - ex-officio, non-voting. Staff Services: Vice President for Administrative Affairs

History of the Committee

(Charge approved by the President of the University upon recommendation of the Faculty Senate and the University of Oklahoma Student Association, December, 1972, and revised as of May, 1974, June 28,1978, May 31,1979 and July 1,1981). Restructured Spring, 1991.