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About Your eBill

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About Your eBill

Bursar Services presents an electronic statement (eBill) each month a student account has activity (i.e. charges, credits, including paid-in-full). When a student account has designated authorized user(s), they will receive an email notification that the eBill is available for viewing. To designate an authorized user click here.

The amount due includes:

  • Current charges less actual credits and pending credits
  • Any previous balance due
  • Finance charges due on the unpaid amount past due

Delinquent Accounts

Bursar Services provides services for past due or delinquent accounts. We assist current students and alumni with account repayment options. Non-payment of delinquent accounts will prevent students from registering for future semesters and receiving transcripts or diplomas.

Should you receive notice that your Bursar account is in default it is imperative that you contact Student Financial Center immediately at (405) 325-9000We can help with repayment options.

Our office works very closely with students until all obligations billed by the Bursar are paid in full. Failure to pay will result in your student account being placed with University Collections, a division of Legal Counsel, for final collection action. Once this occurs, you must deal directly with University Collections. You can avoid this action by staying in contact with our office and making satisfactory arrangements to pay outstanding obligations.