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Payment Plan Options

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Payment Plan Options

The first fall eBill is available on Aug. 1 and the first spring eBill is available Jan.2 at Monthly due date is the 25th. Students following the payment plan will be assessed a monthly service charge of 1.5% (18% APR) on the unpaid balance, beginning Sep. 26 for fall, Feb. 26 for spring, and June 26 for summer. Service charges and late penalties will not be removed due to late or nonpayment.

Pay this percentage of balance25%33%50%100%
Fall TermAug. 25Sep. 25Oct. 25 Nov. 25
Spring TermJan. 25Feb. 25March 25April 25
Summer Term  June 25July 25

When, Where, and How to Pay

Please pay your bill in full by the 25th of each month to avoid additional service charges and end of semester late penalty. Unpaid balances are subject to holds which will prohibit you from registering for classes and getting transcripts or diplomas.

The quickest way to make your payment is to pay electronically on the Web at Payments made online with an e-check from your checking or savings account or a credit card are easy and convenient and are posted to your account the same day. You can easily set up authorized users to make payments on your behalf.

For information on OU pay login, adding authorized user(s), viewing your statement summary and/or account history, changing your billing address and more, please go to or call Student Financial Center at (405) 325-9000

Payment Plan FAQs

The University of Oklahoma provides a payment plan to help students and their families budget the cost of tuition. The Payment Plan is in effect for Fall, Spring, and Summer. Please note: All unpaid balances are subject to a 1.5 percent service charge, assessed after the payment due date. Service charges and late penalties will not be removed due to late or nonpayment.

Participation in the Payment Plan requires no application or acceptance. Simply pay the minimum due by the date shown on your eBill and you are signed up!

The total amount of your tuition and fees are divided into four payments for Fall and Spring.

  • First payment: 25% of your account balance
  • Second payment: 33% of your account balance
  • Third payment: 50% of your account balance
  • Fourth (FINAL) payment: 100% of your account balance

Summer is divided into two payments.

  • First payment: 50% of your account balance
  • Second (FINAL) payment: 100% of your account balance

There is a 1.5% service charge per month ($0.50 minimum) with an effective APR of 18%. All tuition and fees must be paid by Nov. 25, April 25, and July 25 (FA, SP, and SU terms) to avoid the $50.00 late penalty. Service charges and late penalties will not be removed due to late or nonpayment.

Eight-week courses, 12-month programs and other individual enrollment circumstances affect service charge assessment. Please contact Student Financial Center at (405) 325-9000 to discuss your account specifics.

The Student Financial Center, or SFC, is an all-inclusive office where staff can answer questions regarding financial aid, scholarships or payment issues. Due to our new office structure, in-person payments on accounts are no longer accepted in the office.

You may ask, How can I pay?

For international student payments, please click here.

Online – Credit cards, eCheck and international wire processes are still accepted online through eCheck (bank electronic transfer) continues to be a free service where funds are transferred directly from your bank account to pay your charges. All major credit cards are accepted with a 2.95% convenience fee, per transaction. Wires from international bank accounts or other international payment types can be completed easily and securely through Flywire, with a best exchange rate guarantee.

Check – personal checks, cashier’s checks and money orders can be deposited in our new payment drop box, located on the first floor of Buchanan Hall, outside of the staff entrance to 105, underneath the stairwell. Make checks payable to the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA. All check payments can be remitted in supplied envelopes. Checks can also be sent by mail to Student Financial Center, 1000 Asp Ave., Rm. 105, Norman, OK 73019.

Cash – Cash payments cannot be deposited in the payment drop box and are not accepted through mail. If you have cash, deposit in your bank account and pay through one of the other prescribed payment methods. If you do not have a current bank account, the OU Federal Credit Union, located in the Oklahoma Memorial Union, is conveniently located for students, faculty or staff with cash to convert into a cashier’s check.

Mail your payment so it is received by the payment due date. Do not send post-dated checks. Payments of past due accounts in the University Collections area must be paid with cash, certified funds, cashiers check, or money order.

Checks for payment should include the student's name and university ID number to ensure proper credit. When this information is not included, a university employee will write this information on the check.

Any returned check, unpaid by the bank for any reason will be processed by the University as a returned item. The University may electronically collect your returned check. An additional charge will be assessed on each returned check. OU cannot accept your personal check as payment if you have a returned check charged to your account. 

Student Financial Center cannot cash checks for students. This policy also applies to University generated refund checks.

Please contact the Student Financial Center at (405) 325-9000 or if you have additional questions about payment options for the current semester.

Payments should be received in our office by the 25th of each month.

Students receiving financial aid may be exempt from the Payment Plan. Any financial aid received by the University is required to be paid toward University housing and educational expenses first; then any remaining amount may be refunded to the student. When the financial aid received is not enough to pay the cost of tuition and fees the remaining balance may be paid using the Payment Plan.